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Bold Coast Area Attractions and Activities (links open in a separate window)

Cutler's Bold Coast - Cutler - Hiking on spectacular coastal trails including headlands interspersed by pocket coves and cobble beaches as well as blueberry barrens, woodlands and peatlands. Managed by the state of Maine as the Cutler Coast Public Reserved Land

Cutler's Western Head Preserve - Cutler - Privately owned and managed by the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, a spectacular wooded trail leading out to rocky headlands with scenic views.

Cutler's Eastern Knubble Preserve - Cutler - Easy hiking access to cobble beach and fine views of Grand Manan and the Bold Coast. Also managed by MCHT.

Cutler's Bog Brook Cove Preserve - Cutler - Hiking on dramatic bold headlands, gravel and cobble beaches, meadows, and Cutler's unique Norse Pond. Also managed by MCHT.

Little River Lighthouse - Cutler - Historic lighthouse located on island at the entrance to Cutler harbor. Available for day visits, overnight stays.

Roosevelt Campobello International Park - Campobello - Historic cottage, summer home of 32nd President, flower gardens, nature area.

Quoddy Head State Park - Lubec - Hiking, lighthouse, most easterly point in the U.S.

Roque Bluffs State Park - Roque Bluffs - Swimming, picnicking, scenic sand and pebble beach.

Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge - Baring - Hiking, birding, wildlife.

Cobscook Shores - Lubec - A series of fifteen scenic parkland areas located along the shores of Cobscook Bay

Tours of Lubec and Cobscook - Lubec - 1-888-347-9302
Nature tours, historical tours and interpretive walks in the Lubec and Cobscook Bay area.

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